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A Tribute to Mickey King-Founder, Builder, and Friend Mickey King, a founder, past president and member of the South Central Association for Clinical Microbiology, died suddenly December 4, 1974, while attending the A.S.M. Conference on Rapid Diagnostic Techniques in Clinical Microbiology held in Tucson, Arizona. King was Chief Microbiologist at Bartholomew County Hospital in Columbus and served as consultant to several hospitals in central and southern Indiana. He was founder and chairman of the board of Columbus Biologicals, Inc., now GIBCO Diagnostics, where he was serving as technical consultant. He received his university education at Rutgers and Purdue University. A New Jerseyite, King was a graduate of Purdue, with athletic honors as anchorman on Purdue's mile-relay champion track team. He was a member of the American Society for Microbiology, Indiana Branch ASM, and Columbus Rotary Club and a founder and past president of the William R. Laws Foundation, a foundation established to provide scholarship support for disadvantaged students. He was also an originator and past chairman of the Columbus Human Rights Commission. Additionally, he served on or chaired various other civic committees, including the Indiana Heart Association, the Indiana Mental Health Association, the Boys Club of America, the School Board Advisory Committee and the Mayor's Advisory Committee. He was a proponent for the Fair Housing Act of Columbus and nursed the bill through the Columbus City Council. King was an author or co-author of several publications on clinical microbiology, and he recently perfected a new microbiological medium for cultivation and differentiation of 6 enteric pathogens called Enteric Detection Agar. Mickey King gave freely of his time, effort, and energy to whatever cause attracted him. He was a "builder." He left an indelible impression on students and colleagues, as well as on casual acquaintances. He devoted unlimited energy to the encouragement of quality clinical microbiology practices and to the dream of every man's right to education and equality. In 1972, Mickey was the initial recipient of the Association's award for "outstanding contributions to clinical microbiology." In founding the organization, he envisioned an organization devoted to promoting technical advancements in clinical microbiology. The cur- rent success of the Association is a tribute to Mickey King's leadership and example. With Mickey's passing, the Association has lost a leader. We will have new leaders to serve; but we have also lost something more important-something infinitely more difficult to replace-a friend. In order to pay tribute to Mickey King and in some small way to perpetuate the ideals he set for the South Central Society for Micro- biology, the Board of Directors has voted to establish a Mickey King Memorial Fund with- in the Association. The money from this fund will be used to "promote education and quality clinical microbiology practices," two of Mickey's goals for S.C.A.C.M. Contributions should be made out to S.C.A.C.M. Mickey King Memorial Fund and sent to SCACM, Mickey King Memorial Fund , 3735 Palomar Center Dr., Suite 150, Lexington, KY, 40513-1147

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