Examination of Vaginal Wet Preps (Video)
Developed by the Seattle STD/HIV Prevention Training
Center, this video for healthcare professionals
provides basic instruction on preparing and examining
vaginal wet preps. Filmed on location at laboratories
and clinics at the University of Washington, the video
presents remarkable through-the-microscope footage of
trichomonads, yeast, and clue cells associated with
BV, allowing the viewer to quickly learn essential
differentiation skills.
Examination of Vaginal Wet Preps is designed for use
both as an introductory teaching tool and as a library
resource for refreshing skills. The straight-forward
approach, clear visuals, and comprehensive coverage of
determining the presence of infection make it an
essential resource for all STD labs.
Target audience: Healthcare personnel who perform and
interpret tests for vaginal infections.
Length: 15 min 23 sec. Available in RealMedia format.
To purchase a VHS copy of Examining Vaginal Wet Preps,
please see the website for Cascade Health