This week the New England Journal of Medicine is
publishing an instructional video, "Placement of an
Arterial Line", which is the first in our new series,
Videos in Clinical Medicine. These peer-reviewed
videos offer instruction on clinical procedures and
techniques. The videos can be viewed with chapters and
captions through our Web site and are also available
for download to a personal computer or handheld
digital device.
Arterial Line Placement (Introduction) This video will
demonstrate arterial line placement in the radial
artery using two of the many techniques available for
arterial line placement, an over-the-wire technique
and an over-the-needle technique. Placement of an
arterial line is indicated for continuous monitoring
of arterial pressure and direct arterial blood
sampling. The radial pulse is palpated between the
distal radius and the flexor carpi radialis tendon.
Prior to line placement, perfusion of the extremity
should be checked. For radial arterial catheters, an
Allen test or a modified Allen test may be performed.
While the value of the Allen test has . . . . View
    * Introduction & Overview
    * Landmarks
    * Preparation
    * Positioning
    * Over-the-Wire Technique
    * Over-the-Needle Technique
    * Secure with Suture
    * Troubleshooting
Video located at
Brent Barrett
Indianapolis, IN